Using Spices From Around the World In Your Cooking

Authored by Lewis Brindley

We love to use a whole host of different spices in our cooking. Cooking food from all over the world gives you a really diverse diet (which is great for your health), plus a great opportunity to cook a wide range of different, delicious dishes. Including a large number of spices in your cooking will expand your palette, and allow you to impress anyone with your cooking skills!

In this article, we’re going to take you through a couple of our favorite spices, and how we like to use them in the kitchen.

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Cumin is a huge favorite of ours in the kitchen. It works really well in two styles of food: Indian and Mexican.

When we’re using it in Indian food, we love to add it early in the recipe. At the start of a good curry recipe, there’ll be a little while where you bloom all the aromatic flavors in your dish. For us, that’s usually onion, garlic, and ginger as fresh ingredients, alongside a heap of spices. A great one to add is cumin! It gives the whole dish a rich, earthy flavor that can really play well with the spicier flavors of any fresh chili you might add.

In Mexican food, the spice works well when you’re adding it at the same time as a lot of liquid. For example, if you’re adding a big tin of chopped tomatoes to your recipe, that would be a great point at which to add your spices. Then, you can reduce the heat to low, allow your food to simmer, and all of the spices well slowly release their flavors into the dish.


Paprika is such an amazing spice! It has that brilliant color, plus it comes in several different variations. Most notable: sweet and smoked.

Sweet paprika’s great to add to a pickle or chutney. Typically in those recipes, you’ll be adding a lot of acid in the form of distilled white vinegar, so this spice can help to mellow out those harsh flavors and give the entire chutney a more rounded taste.

Smoked paprika is one of my all-time favorite spices. I put it in nearly everything that I cook, but my favorite is adding it to macaroni cheese. I know this isn’t the healthiest dish, but typically I reduce calories by substituting some of the pasta for broccoli and chicken. The smoked paprika makes a great addition to a sharp cheddar sauce. In this recipe, I make up a basic white, cheesy sauce and add in smoked paprika and garlic granules. This flavor combination leads you to one of the most comforting dishes I’ve ever made, and if you do your maths right on the pasta: it can be a low-calorie lunch too!

Adding spices from all over the world to your kitchen and your diet will give your health a huge boost. These spices I’ve mentioned here are great examples of delicious ones, but there are so many more out there too! Another amazing one is turmeric, which has brilliant color and powerful health benefits. Consider adding some new spices to your diet today!

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