The Famous Apple Pie, What to Pair it With?

Apple Pie and Wine Pairing

We hope you have your Christmas-themed oven gloves ready, because the holiday season is here, and with it comes dinner parties, get-togethers, and comforting meals.

Of course, you can’t talk about comfort food without mentioning apple pies; the quintessential baking treat deeply entwined with our fondest childhood memories with friends and family. Apple pies are larger than life. Now that we’re all grown up, though, the question arises. How to pair wine with apple pie? Can it be done?

The Secret Behind Pairing Sweet Treats with Wine

Yes, it can be done. You can pair apple pie with wine with great success if you know what you’re doing. The secret is sweetness.

Wine, or any drink, for that matter, must be sweeter than the dessert you’re pairing it with — and that applies to everything from macarons to chocolate cake. If the food is sweeter than the wine, your beverage will taste plane, acidic and dull, so you need some sweet wines up to the task. Here are some superb wines to tackle sweet desserts like apple pie:

Ice wine – This specialty wine is made by harvesting frozen grapes in the harshest weather conditions. As you collect the grape’s sweet nectar, the ice, meaning all the water, stays behind, rendering a decadently sweet wine with hints of white raisins and apricots. Canada and Germany make excellent examples.

Late Harvest – Picking grapes late in the season, once the grapes have shriveled, delivers a similar result to harvesting frozen grapes. A sweet, golden wine with an enticing balancing acidity. You’ll find these from most wine regions around the world.

Botrytized wine – A unique unicellular fungus called botrytis is responsible for some of the sweetest and rarest wines on the planet. The fungus only grows in humid conditions, and it sticks to the grapes, leaching all their water. The remaining grapes become concentrated sugar, ready to be turned into liquid gold. Look for the terms Sauternes, Tokay, Noble Rot or Botrytis in the label; there are several wines fitting this description.

Now You’re In The Know

There’s only one thing more comforting and pleasing than a slice of apple pie — apple pie paired with the right wine. Say yes to sweet wines and make them part of your life. Dessert is only one more opportunity to create a culinary experience for your guests. This pairing is quite a way of ending your dinner party on a high note.

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