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Cooking Tools


What are your favorite cooking tools?

We have researched and have come up with a few of our favorite cooking tools. In general, we love knives but need sharpeners that stand out and keep our knives in great condition for chopping, cutting, etc.  We have found many sharpeners on the market today and suggest you do your own research according to the brand of knives you use.  Different brands and designs require different sharpeners. Next, we love bowls of different sizes and textures for the recipes we are working with.  Glass bowls handle liquids very well whereas metal bowls are great for mixing.  In our humble opinion, plastic bowls are wonderful to put the leftovers from your chopping, etc in and then dumping in your trash can.  However, plastic bowls can be a great way to store your work in the refrigerator as they are more porous but be aware of staining. If you would like to receive more tips from our website, please subscribe.    

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