Camping or Tailgating?

Things You Need To Bring With You When Camping Or Tailgating

We’ve compiled a list of essential items for any camping retreat or tailgate portable kitchen. Check through to make sure you haven’t forgotten any of the equipment which will make your experience even better. When tailgating you want to focus on cooking in the great outdoors, making memories with friends and family and celebrating your favourite team without worrying about a forgotten item. If you’d like to be able to create delicious meals whilst on the move then follow our essential cookware checklist to make sure no item is forgotten!

Be Well Equipped

The right tools for the job will transform your camping/tailgating experience, take note of our cookware essentials. Investing in a quality product such as the examples we have provided guarantees a better experience, it’s much less likely to have breakages or issues and saves money in the long term. Once you have collected the essential equipment for your trip, store these items together at home, this will make your next trip much faster and easier to pack for.


The more you can prepare ahead of time, the more you can enjoy the camping/tailgating experience while you’re in it. Make sure you’re fully stocked, sides can be prepared a day ahead and meat can be marinated beforehand to cut time, which brings us onto our next tip. Plan your meals before setting out, this will allow you to predict which equipment you need rather than making the best with what you have. As well as cooking equipment also think about the clean-up, there’s always going to be a mess when cooking which is part of the fun but this simple step can make life so much easier.

Portable Water Storage

This product is multi-purpose acting as a water source when cooking, a rinse kit for cleaning and a portable shower when you’re really back to nature. With fast and easy operation a portable water storage unit can transform your experience, no need to worry about available taps or lots of small water containers, this model provides a 5 gallon water tank with high pressure and is easily refilled.


A commercial grade food safe cooler will guarantee secure storage when on an extended trip. The SuperHandy Ice Chest is able to hold ice for up to 5 days, enough time to take a whole week’s worth of chilled food and drinks when camping or tailgating. A heavy duty unit which even comes with a bottle opener on the lid saving space on equipment when on the move!


A cast-iron skillet is the classic centre of campsite cooking, withstanding the high heats from the campfire to sear, saute, bake, broil, braise, fry or grill! The linked product comes with a safety silicone handle holder to protect up to heats of 500F. The non-stick properties mean less cooking oil is required when cooking to create versatile and healthy recipes.


Endless meals can be created in a good-sized pot, the linked model comes with handles for comfortable grip and safe transport. The secure and tight fitting lid will keep food hot and moisture inside whilst you’re busy with camping activities. The model is made to last and conveniently works on multiple stove tops, including induction, gas and electric.

Mess Kit

A mess kit is a compact collection of cutlery and crockery which is perfect for backpacking, hiking, camping or tailgating. The link provided comes with a handy mesh bag to easily transport these dinnertime essentials, whilst also being ‘stain and odour resistant’ due to their easy clean materials. The reusable dinnerware set is eco-friendly compared to throwaway single use plates and cups which are often used when camping or tailgating. There is a set in four different colours which makes it easy to assign a colour to each person without the hassle of not knowing whose is whose.

Dish Brush Scraper

When cleaning down after an awesome meal use the two-in-one dish brush scraper. The multi-purpose function provides an easily packed plate scraper which can then be used to wash crockery with firm bristles. Small, lightweight and multiple use the scrub bush can even be used as an eating utensil.

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Brush in White
Multisided Cleaning Brush

Bug Repellent

An inevitable occurrence when out in nature is the presence of bugs. Use the linked bug repellent for 12 hours of mosquito-free relief with an incredible 15 feet of protection. A highly effective product which will protect the whole group from bites and stings, perfect for all camping outings with a sleek design.

Knife and Cutting Board Set

The GSI knife set is specifically designed to contain all of the essential preparation equipment within a compact pack. Included are 3 stainless steel blades in various sizes to cover all cooking uses, protected by safety knife sheaths. A compact folding cutting board unfolds to a surprisingly generous preparation surface without using up large amounts of storage space. The whole case weighs less than 1.5 pounds making it the ideal lightweight kit for camping or tailgating. Finally the pack comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth which is multi-sided providing a delicate surface as well as a rough scourer, useful in any situation! We hope that this checklist will make you well equipped for your next camping excursion or tailgating trip. You can still create amazing meals which on the move with this essential portable

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