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In this busy and challenging life, nobody has time to spend in the kitchen to individually cut fruits and vegetables. The manual and/or traditional cutting method takes too way much time by having to measure out the pieces, etc.  People want quality and variety of food on their tables in restaurants and their homes with a creative presentation. In other words, they want their meal to look as good as it will taste!

Today, we are looking for easy and sharp kitchen tools to help cut fruits and vegetables in less than no time.  Face it, modern kitchen tools help save time.  This is the reason there are so many kitchen gadgets and tools online plus in stores.

The following products are our two best recommendations for getting started with creativity in your kitchen for this holiday season –

*Kitchen Stainless Steel Apple Slicer Cutter

The kitchen stainless steel apple slicer cutter is a fantastic cutter that will cut apples into slices within no time. These apple slices will be used for different purposes like baking desserts, fruit trifle, fruit salad, etc.


Material: Stainless steel

Product size: 15cm length, 11cm width

How to use Apple slicer cutter

This cutter is very easy to use. You should just put an apple in slicer and press with hand. Apple will cut into fine slices.  We recommend to peel the apples beforehand, if needed.

*Large Silicone Number Shaped Baking Molds

This is a fantastic silicone tool which will help in the process of baking to help you be creative with the use of numbers.  For example, this tool will enable you to make desserts into different shapes, especially for special dates in your life such as New Year’s Eve, Birthdays, etc.


Material: Silicone

Color: Red

Product item: Cake mold

Shape: Many

Size: 25.4cm/ 10 inch

How to use

This baking item is available in many shapes. Just take a desired baking shape and put your ingredients into it.  Dream of creative ways you can use this tool which will enhance your food creativity and will become a great topic of conversation for your family and customers alike.

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